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Trump Turnberry pool with chairs overlooking sunset and ocean


Scotland Spa Hotel Turnberry

Master the art
of relaxation

Please note, dedicated adult-only swim times are in operation from 6:30am - 8:30am and 7pm - 9pm. Splash time is currently not in operation, however, floats are available upon request and will be handed out at our discretion.

Set amongst 800 acres of beautiful Scottish countryside along the Ayrshire coastline, The Spa at Turnberry offers an oasis of pure relaxation, perfect for enjoying treatments that soothe and refresh both body and mind.

At the heart of the Spa is a 65-foot heated infinity pool where guests can enjoy the spectacular views of Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran. Relax at the poolside bio-sauna with floor to ceiling vistas or find a true sense of calm in the Relaxation Room, featuring a sensory shower, ice fountain, sauna and steam room.

Put yourself in the hands of our dedicated and knowledgeable therapists and indulge in a full day of wellness with world-class treatments from the innovative Scottish ishga range. With a hydrotherapy suite and 12 treatment rooms, our Spa is the perfect place to drift away.

The innovative ishga range of organic Scottish seaweed skincare products is at The Spa at Turnberry. ishga harnesses the anti-aging properties of the finest hand-picked seaweed from the Scottish Hebrides to create an organic skincare range that can revitalise, repair and moisturise the skin.

A selection of signature treatments unique to The Spa at Turnberry are available and created in partnership with the Trump Turnberry therapists and the ishga product team.

Turnberry Signature Rituals
Choose from a selection of signature treatments, unique to The Spa at Turnberry and lovingly created by our dedicated therapists in partnership with the ishga product team. Treatments include relaxing massages, body scrubs, specialised golfer’s massage, facials and reflexology. 

For additional information please email [email protected] or call +44 1655 334060.

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  • Turnberry Signature Rituals

    Unique to the Spa at Turnberry and lovingly created by our dedicated therapists. 

    • 80 MINUTES | £185

      This deep cleansing facial is designed to purify and balance the skin, leaving a feeling of rejuvenation. The treatment begins with a deep facial cleanse and skin analysis, followed by a clarifying exfoliation with steam and lymphatic massage using high-quality Gua Sha crystals to achieve a clear, radiant complexion. To finish, a cooling peel-off mask is applied to tone, firm and nourish the skin. 

    • 80 MINUTES | £185

      This invigorating treatment is designed to target all areas of tension in the body, allowing you to rediscover a true sense of wellbeing. The journey begins with a relaxing foot bath that gently cleanses the feet. The back is then exfoliated and massaged, followed by a heated seaweed mask to provide deep moisturisation. The therapist will then use energising massage movements to sweep away any tension on the legs and calves before cleansing and exfoliating the face. Rose Quartz crystals will be used for a soothing massage which will continue through the scalp. Following your treatment, your skin will look radiant and your body will be left feeling recalibrated. 

    • 80 MINUTES | £185

      This deeply relaxing full body massage will immerse you into a dreamlike state of total zen. The treatment will begin with a soothing foot bath to gently cleanse the feet. You will then choose from a selection of body oils based on your preference of scent. The oil will then be heated and applied to the body before all stresses and tensions are massaged away. Our expert therapists will choose between our Jade roller, which is used in long rhythmic strokes to relax and soothe tired muscles and our Copper Kansa Wand, which is used in a figure of 8 motion to help calm the mind and soothe the nerve ending. 

  • Turnberry Spa Rituals
    • 80 MINUTES | £185

      This signature treatment by ishga pays homage to the Ailsa Craig, a striking volcanic island which presides over Trump Turnberry. This powerful, detoxifying treatment begins with a Hebridean sea salt and oil scrub, followed by a full body massage using volcanic basalt stones. 

    • 80 MINUTES | £185

      Named after the fourth hole on the Championship Ailsa course, the Woe-Be-Tide combines the detoxifying and nourishing effect of the purest seaweed gel with the stimulating and hydrating properties of the scrub, followed by a nourishing facial. 

    • 50 MINUTES | £140

      Targeting the key areas of tension following a long day on the Golf Course, enjoy a leg and foot exfoliation followed by a therapeutic massage to relieve tired feet and legs. The back is then exfoliated and massaged with hot stones to release any muscular tension. 

    • 50 MINUTES | £130

      An ancient oriental treatment that incorporates pressure point massage to the feet which correspond with the organs, glands, tissues, and muscles in the body. This helps improve the circulation of blood and oxygen, in turn, relieving stress and alleviating pain in other areas of the body. 

  • Day Spa Experiences

    All our Day Spa Experiences include full use of the Spa Facilities and Afternoon Tea. We recommend using the facilities prior to your treatments to enjoy the full benefits of the products used. Please note the dress code for Afternoon Tea is smart casual. 

  • ishga Bath and Massages

    ishga products have been developed in the Outer Hebrides using the highest quality and purest Scottish seaweed combined with water from a natural spring situated on the beautiful Hebridean Isle of Lewis. Seaweed has been used for centuries for its natural healing and therapeutic properties. It contains a high content of vitamins, minerals and powerful natural antioxidants that are considered essential for maintaining glowing skin. Recent scientific research shows the seaweed extract used in ishga preserves the skins natural collagen. The mineral rich seaweed extract is carefully blended with cucumber extract, macadamia, jojoba, aloe vera and lemon peel so that your ishga treatment will detoxify, nourish, firm and hydrate the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

    • 30 MINUTES | £45

      Recline and relax in a luxurious, private hydrotherapy multi-jet bath. Feel gently invigorated, yet surprisingly relaxed with the soothing jets, sea salts and essential oils that warm and loosen the muscles. Being immersed in warm or hot water raises the body temperature, increasing blood flow around the circulatory system and so alleviating pain. The improved circulation will in turn help to heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints. This treatment is recommended as a stand-alone treatment or prior to a massage to enhance the benefits of the therapy.

    • 50 MINUTES | £135 / 80 MINUTES | £180

      A medium pressure full body massage combining relaxing elements of aromatherapy massage, lymphatic drainage and traditional Swedish massage techniques to reduce muscle tension and reenergise the body. Choose from: 

      An uplifting, detoxifying seaweed body oil with lemongrass, juniper, lavender and rose geranium. Particularly useful for improving fatigue and eliminating toxins.

      The luxurious scent of nurturing rose geranium to aid stress relief, relax, soothe and balance a tired mind and body. A silky base of sweet almond and jojoba oil to hydrate and tone.

    • 80 MINUTES | £185

      Powerful, deep and specifically placed techniques make this customised massage essential for the relief of aching muscles. Using a stimulating muscle recovery oil containing fucus serratus extract, a natural anti-inflammatory to relieve physical fatigue and rosemary to ease muscle pain. The therapist will work on body areas of your choice using remedial massage techniques, Thai stretching and localised deep tissue and myofascial release. 

    • 75 MINUTES | £175

      A full body massage incorporating heated Basalt stones which instantly relax the muscles, allowing the treatment to work at a deeper level. Hot stones work to relax the mind, ease muscle tension, reduce aches and pains and are placed along the chakras to open up energy pathways. A seaweed based oil with lemongrass, lavender and juniper will detoxify and regenerate the skin. 

    • 50 MINUTES | £140

      A rebalancing, light massage using heated sea salt & seaweed granule filled poultices, which are applied to the body to relax the muscles, release tension and nourish the skin. Combined with manual massage movements, the relaxing warm poultices are rhythmically stroked, and kneaded over the body. When the compress is heated it provides a detoxing effect to draw toxins from the body and add a host of vitamins and minerals deep within. 

    • 50 MINUTES | £135

      A nurturing full body massage to soothe aches, pains and general muscle fatigue often experienced during pregnancy. Designed to help relax and calm, ease leg cramps, reduce water retention and puffiness. Using ishga’s Nurturing Oil which hydrates the skin and helps to improve elasticity, reducing stretch marks, the massage begins with mum-to-be seated allowing the therapist to fully work the upper and lower back. Then, lying comfortably and supported in an upright position on the therapy bed, the legs, feet, arms and most importantly the bump are gently but therapeutically massaged to release a sense of wellbeing for both mum and baby. Suitable after the first trimester of pregnancy. 

  • ishga Sound Treatments

    ishga has partnered with Swell, a sound wellness business, and with this unique partnership, aims to harness the power of sound, translating this into a range of therapeutic sound ‘treatments’ to accompany ishga’s award-winning products and treatments. Swell’s unique approach to therapeutic sound, using a combination of Sound Therapy, Music Composition and Biophilia ensure ishga Sound Treatments will capture the essence of the ocean and its home in the Hebrides to be transportive, calming and relaxing. The unique sound compositions are based on the natural sounds of water, from the Ocean, the beaches and the seaweed habitat of the Isle of Lewis. The soundscapes also draw on the musical traditions and instruments found in the Hebrides. Gaelic instruments and traditional
    folk songs from local musicians include pipes, whistles and flutes, clarsach, fiddle and the ethereal voice of a local resident. 

    • Back, Face & Scalp Sound Treatment

      80 MINUTES | £190

      This treatment works in harmony with the music, taking you on a journey to the Hebrides, home of ishga. It will capture the transportive, calming and relaxing essence of the ocean. The treatment begins with a stimulating Hebridean Sea Salt back exfoliation followed by a personalised back, neck and shoulder massage incorporated with hot stones and essential oils to deeply relax and relieve tension. This is followed by a deep cleansing facial with a lifting facial massage and finishes with a therapeutic scalp massage with gentle stretching. Sound treatment techniques can lower brain wave state, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure and heart rate and inducing an altered - or dream-like - state of consciousness. This complements the treatment by bringing a state of consciousness, inner calm and clarity.

    • 30 MINUTES | £50

      A unique Scottish experience where you can relax in hand-harvested seaweed from the Hebridean coast. Unwind in a hot bath infused with mineral sea salts containing over 85 natural trace minerals and pure Scottish seaweed, whilst in the bath, your skin absorbs these compounds re-mineralising the body and hydrating the skin and hair. Whilst relaxing, transport yourself to the outer Hebrides as the treatment works to unlock a state of consciousness within the listener where you can find inner calm, clarity and an objective sense of purpose. Following the treatment, you will feel cleansed - literally bathed in sound and rejuvenated from the experience.  Here in Scotland, we have been enjoying the benefits of seaweed from the Scottish islands for hundreds of years. Naturally healing, moisturising and anti-ageing, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-cellulite properties, soothing away aches and pains. An experience we guarantee you will remember forever.

  • ishga Body Treatments
    • 50 MINUTES | £135

      A powerfully detoxifying Hebridean sea salt and oil scrub with body wrap. This combines the detoxifying and nourishing effect of the purest seaweed gel with the stimulating and hydrating properties of the scrub. The treatment is designed to eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite, boost energy and improve skin tone and texture, increase circulation and detoxifying congestion from the body.

    • 50 MINUTES | £135

      Combining a hydrating salt and oil scrub infused with sweet almond, jojoba and rose geranium to remove dull, tired skin followed by a cocoon of our nourishing gel body mask which soothes, cools, hydrates and tones even the driest, sensitive skins. A warmed geranium oil scalp massage completes the experience.

    • 50 MINUTES | £140

      The ultimate back facial designed to rejuvenate and exfoliate, while treating any congestion to reveal a brighter and smoother skin. Beginning with a cleanse, tone and exfoliation, a powerful heated seaweed clay mask is applied to clarify and soften the skin while providing a deep moisturising treatment. Ideal for skin concerns such as acne on the back, dryness or skin conditions and for muscular aches and pains. A massage of the back and back of legs is also included to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

  • ishga Facials
    • 50 MINUTES | £135

      A rejuvenating facial designed to revitalise and repair. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. It is particularly useful for brightening dull, tired skin and balances skin tone and texture, protecting the skin from environmental damage. This treatment will cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise the skin leaving it revitalised and hydrated.

    • 80 MINUTES | £180

      An indulgent, luxurious spa facial that incorporates a thorough skincare routine combined with three intensive masks. Including a deep exfoliation using a rich, vitamin packed sea kelp powder that will remove dead skin to leave the skin bright and glowing. This facial includes a warming massage of the face, scalp, shoulders and arms using heated sea salt and seaweed poultices which will absorb congestion and detoxify the skin, adding a host of vitamins and minerals into the face and upper body.

  • ishga for Men

    Our ishga face and body treatments for men are specifically tailored to your skin type, each one designed specifically to ensure you experience the best physical and therapeutic benefits depending on your needs.

    • 50 MINUTES | £135

      An invigorating full body treatment combined with scalp massage. A medium pressure massage designed to detox and balance the body whilst removing any areas of muscular tension and stress. The seaweed based oil nourishes and protects the skin with a masculine sandalwood and patchouli aroma.

    • 50 MINUTES | £135

      The ishga men’s products are designed to detox and draw impurities from the skin whilst stimulating collagen production and combat signs of ageing. This treatment will cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin leaving it revitalised and hydrated leaving a protective layer to prevent environmental damage. Great for outdoors, sports or harsh weather conditions.

  • Add Ons

    Please note that these can only be booked and taken with treatments of 50 minutes or more, prices available upon request.

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