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Honolulu Spas

Master the art
of relaxation

Just steps from Oahu's most famous strip of sand, Trump International Hotel Waikiki offers world-class renewal in a spa that blends all the signatures of The Spa at Trump brand with authentic Hawaiian healing. Throughout each experience at our Honolulu spa is a distinctly island call to relax, or ho'oluana.

Signature to every Spa at Trump, are the services of a Trump Spa Attaché and a choice of Trump Personal Intentions designed to guide each guest's journey. The spa brand also features an exclusive arrangement with Natura Bissé and Red Flower, as well as signature Gemstone Services with products by Shiffa and other leading names. Unique to this Waikiki spa in Honolulu are a selection of treatments that use traditional Hawaiian botanicals and healing techniques to alleviate the effects of sun exposure and today's fast-paced lifestyle. Trump Waikiki offers a number of spectacular Hawaii spa packages.

  • Purify. Treatments tailored to cleanse and enlighten body and mind.
  • Balance. Treatments created to restore depleted energy and stimulate creativity.
  • Revitalize. Treatments that boost energy, invigorating the body and revealing an uplifted inner self.
  • Calm. Treatments designed for tranquility, creating a state of complete relaxation.
  • Heal. Treatments that renew the spirit, ease the mind and soothe the body.

Infinity Pool
At Trump International Hotel Waikiki, pool time at this Honolulu luxury hotel near Waikiki beach means a good time for the entire family. Poolside service is offered from 8am - 6pm featuring bento-box lunch creations from Executive Chef Shoji Namatame, and a line-up of handcrafted cocktails with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections. View our Pool Menu and Kids Pool Menu.

Spa Reservations Spa Menu (English) Spa Menu (Japanese)

  • Packages

    Come live the life in its most relaxing form at The Spa at Trump®. And do it a little easier with these packages.

    • Hawaiian Enchantment Couples Treatment

      120 MIN / $480 COUPLE

      Both pikake, known in Hawaii as the flower of love, and Koke’e have special reverence and are often used together for wedding ceremonies, making these aromas perfect for couples massage. This massage and bath therapy for two is a delicate blend of the flower of love and the lush, green passion for life.

    • Trump Experience Package

      120 MIN / $300 PERSON

      An exclusive, customized experience awaits. Experience the best that The Spa at Trump has to offer. This package includes a 60 minute Trump Customized Massage and a 60 minute Naturally Yours Facial.

  • Men’s Atelier

    Services designed specifically for male clientele.

    • Bamboo Exfoliation Treatment

      60 MIN / $165

      This effective, yet delicate scrub uses micro-particles from bamboo to massage and exfoliate your skin and essential oils to liven and stimulate your senses. The Bamboo Exfoliation Treatment is quickly absorbed leaving your skin purified and clear of any residue. The treatment is finalized with a lightweight hydrating application.

    • Jet Lag Recovery Massage

      60 MIN / $185

      This massage is the perfect marriage of Western physiological massage with Asian energy stimulation. Physiological massage movements will be delivered with medium to strong pressure while energy balancing movements will be delivered with soothing and sensual strokes. This type of massage will help increase both venous and blood circulation and is recommended for pre and post travel.

  • Finishing Touch

    Manicure and pedicure services.

    • Luminous Manicure

      45 MIN / $75

      This is the perfect manicure including a highly effective cuticle care technique that enhances healthy nail growth. Wrap your nails in cutting edge, long-wearing, couture nail color. Also includes a self-heating, micro-exfoliation massage and a mini nail polish to take home.

    • Enchanted Evening Pedicure

      60 MIN / $95

      This red carpet ready pedicure will make your toes sparkle with cutting edge, long-wearing, couture color. This perfectly polished pedicure includes a highly effective cuticle care technique that enhances healthy nail growth. Also includes a self-heating, micro-exfoliation and massage. Enjoy a mini polish to take home.

    • Classic Manicure and Pedicure


      Our detailed nail service begins with an aromatic soak, then nail grooming with clipping, shaping and buffing, paying special attention to cuticles. A hydrating aromatic massage with choice nail color completes this treatment.

    • 60 MIN / $65

    • 60 MIN / $85

  • Exclusive to Trump Waikiki

    One-of-a-kind services unlike anything else.

    • Gemstone Spa Treatments

      90 MIN / $260

      Offering serenity and healing through precious gem infused oils combined with rare flower and herbal essences, the rich oils used in this full body massage contain diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires.

    • Lomi Lomi Massage

      60/90 MIN / $165/$245

      Also called the Loving Hands massage. This massage works gently yet deeply into the muscle with continuous, flowing strokes, completely nurturing the body and enabling you to relax. This massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. Some guests have described this as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body.

    • Kaua’i Polish and Clay Mask Treatment

      90 MIN / $220

      Breathe deep and experience intoxicating Hawaiian distillations with therapeutic botanicals that will leave you moisturized, revitalized, and feeling beautiful. This exquisite treatment is lovingly crafted in Hawaii from natural and organic ingredients, incorporating tropical beauty secrets passed down through generations. Made to exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the skin, giving you a beautiful golden glow.

    • Fascial Stretch Therapy*

      30/60/90 MIN / $85/$170/$255

      Achieve optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief with a newly developed stretching technique that targets the fascia as its main element. Assisted stretching combined with fluid diagonal patterns and synchronized breathing will leave you with immediate results and permanent therapeutic benefits. Allow our Principal Massage Therapist to customize your therapy session and experience this unique and innovative system of stretching.

      *Limited Availability-Advanced booking needed
      *Yoga/Workout clothes required

  • Massage

    Soothe, relax, and rejuvenate with a personalized massage experience.

    • Trump Customized Massage

      60/90/120 MIN / $165/$245/$330

      Leave nothing to chance - this ‘made for you’ massage uses The Spa at Trump’s interactive assessment technique to determine your exact needs and wants. Tailoring the massage uses specific oils, body work, heat treatment, stretching and sound therapy.

    • 60/90/120 MIN | $330/$490/$660

      Enjoy a personalized massage with your special someone and experience the benefits of rest and relaxation together in the luxurious environment of our Couples Suites.

  • Body Treatment

    Transform your skin with an indulgent body treatment.

    • 60 MIN / $165

      Drench your skin with energizing nutrients, an ideal body treatment for skin damaged by the sun or free radicals in our environment. This body wrap restores elasticity to the skin and provides an intense, deep hydration. N atural ingredients of shea butter, absorbic acids and orange juice protect the skin from dryness and premature aging, providing rejuvenating, antioxidant and firming results from the very first session.

    • Oxygen Body Perfection

      60 MIN / $165

      A purifying ritual that revitalizes and deeply hydrates the skin to restore beauty and freshness. First, the skin is renewed using a leading-edge, polyhydroxy acid-based exfoliant that boosts elasticity. Then, the body is wrapped in an enticing, soufflé-texture mask that provides a nourishing, draining effect. Finally an application of hydrating, revitalizing oil reveals luminous, glowing skin.

    • Diamond Rose Exfoliation

      60 MIN / $165

      This beautiful emulsion melts into the skin along with the Diamond Experience Rose Mist for an amazing nourishing and anti-aging body polish. It´s action is then completed with the elegant protecting veil for a sophisticated luminous touch of the Diamond Experience Rose oil that is ultra-nourishing and provides elasticity and suppleness.

    • Diamond Rose Exfoliation Massage

      90 MIN / $260

      Full luxury continues with a soft and gentle massage with Diamond Experience Rose Oil and the satin finish of Diamond Experience Rose Touch.

    • Healing Hawaiian Ocean Ritual

      60/90 MIN / $175/$260

      Awaken the senses, open the lungs and inhale ocean air. Begin with a therapeutic massage using an organic blend of bay laurel and eucalyptus to release muscle tension and improve circulation. A sea salt and pure aloe butter exfoliation smoothes skin. Then the body is wrapped in an intensely curative and hydrating sea algae masque enriched with marine plants and whole essential oils. Seal in softness with a healing application of shea butter enriched with beach morning glory and crushed clove.

    • The NYC SoHo Clarifying Lavender Ritual

      60/90 MIN / $175/$260

      One of nature’s most potent and pure fragrances, French lavender calms the chaos of life, while enhancing concentration. Begin with a relaxing and therapeutic massage with certified organic oil blend of lavender, rosemary and peppermint to release muscle tension and improve circulation. A revitalizing sea salt scrub enriched with skin-soothing, moisture penetrating pure aloe butter and deep sea algae tones and smoothes. Protect with a blend of shea butter, organic botanical extracts and replenishing plant oils for supple and petal soft skin.

    • The Chicago Moonflower Dream Ritual

      60/90 MIN / $175/$260

      Transform your state of mind with this euphoric body treatment. Begin with a softening exfoliation with sea crystals, aloe and sea algae enriched with the pure essences of freesia and I Icelandic moonflower. Transport the senses with a dreamy full body massage and shea butter application, infused with sea rocket, cassiope and apple blossom, blooming under the stars.

    • Las Vegas Night Jasmine Ritual

      60/90 MIN / $175/$260

      The sensual fragrance of the night, seductive and sweet. Jasmine, queen of the flowers, blooms under the gaze of moonlight and picked at first dawn, at the peak of its scent, then masterfully blended. Relax with an intoxicating and sweetly scented full body massage to relieve stress and enhance your mood. Revitalize with a nourishing sea salt exfoliation to remove dry skin and stimulate circulation. Soften with shea butter, tangerine and neroli blossom for a beautiful glow.

    • 30 MIN / $85 EACH

      Choose your own combination of the following 30 minute services resulting in your personal ritual experience:

      • Natura Bisse Express Facial
      • Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage
      • Relaxing Head and Scalp Massage
      • Foot Reflexology
      • Custom Body Scrub
      • Custom Bath Experience
  • Your Spa Flight

    Choose your own combination of the following 30 minute services resulting in your personal ritual experience

  • Facials

    Nurture your skin with a relaxing facial.

    • Ivanka’s Choice

      90 MIN / $325

      Based on the foundations of classical aesthetics, this tailored treatment will leave your skin perfectly smooth, radiant and firm. Relaxing facial techniques increase the skin’s receptiveness to applied products, in addition to immersing you in an absolute state of well-being. Ivanka’s Choice is a restorative treatment that slows the effects of time from the most basic level, the cellular one. Natural collagen, amino acids, isoflavones, and antioxidant vitamins (A+C+E) act from within the deepest layers of the skin to thoroughly restructure, rejuvenate, and nurture.

    • Plus Ultra Signature Facial

      60/90 MIN / $175/$260

      Start with an individual assessment designed through our Facial Analysis System that allows for a completely tailored treatment. Skin Care experts will infuse into your skin the precise ingredients that will leave your skin balanced, radiant and youthful. Effective facial techniques increase the skin’s receptivity to these results driven ingredients. The final touch is a tinted hydrating veil that provides a luminous appearance. This is the perfect facial for any skin care concern.

    • 60 MIN / $165

      Reveal youthful, illuminated skin with this organic facial, designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, uplift and tone the facial muscles and perfect the appearance of the skin from the inside, out. An acupressure facial massage with essential omega fresh berry oil serum releases fine lines and concentrated rose serum promotes the production of collagen. Tone with a vitalizing and oxygenating flower mist and stimulate the lymphatic system with a maitake, reishi and chagea mushroom phyto-nutrient masque.

    • The Chicago Detoxifying and Hydrating Facial

      60 MIN / $175

      A thorough cleansing protocol based on a thermo active enzymatic detoxification, enzymatic heat opens and softens the pores while refreshing botanical elements included in the formula close and purify them. Extractions are expertly performed while the nano-stimulating mask with a deliciously foamy texture efficiently releases its moisturizing, soothing and revitalizing effects on the skin. The final touch is a tinted hydrating veil that provides a radiant and luminous appearance.

    • Las Vegas Oxygenating Facial

      60 MIN / $175

      A facial treatment for those showing evident signs of epidermal congestion due to exposure to toxins and pollutants. Big city goers, frequent flyers and smokers can benefit from this treatment. Our light as air formula penetrates the skin and releases pure oxygen molecules into the epidermal layer to reenergize natural cellular functions and eliminates toxins. A deep oxygenation and breathing massage further decongests the body and mind.

    • Hawaiian Whitening and Brightening Facial

      60 MIN / $175

      If you are looking to visibly diminish the appearance of spots from sun damage - age spots, melasma or hyperpigmentation - and improve the texture of the skin, this luxurious and refreshing facial will be sure to provide results, leaving the skin radiant and luminous with a healthy glow.

    • The NYC Soho Alternative to Injectibles Facial

      90 MIN / $260

      A cosmetic alternative to micro-injections and other medical-aesthetic procedures. It minimizes and fills expression lines and wrinkles through the use of Octamioxyl, the most effective inhibitor of facial contractions, an effective combination of filling components. La Alaternativa incorporates an excellent selection of innovative active ingredients that strengthen the skin from within, providing a supple and natural appearance to your skin.

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