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Trump Panama Destinations
Trump Panama Destinations

Panama City Luxury Hotels

Panama Activities

A city of easy cosmopolitan living, a delightful combination of the historic and the ultra-modern. There are actually three Panama Cities: the historical ruins of the 16th century city, called Panama Viejo, the 17th century Spanish colonial Casco Viejo section of the city and the modern skyscraper city with its prosperous business district, Manhattan-like skyline, lively nightlife, great restaurants, historical sectors and the only rainforest within city limits in the world. If you´re lucky, you just might find yourself doing a bit of everything right outside our Panama luxury 5 star hotel: tourism, business and living in Panama.

What to do in Panama City
The Panama Canal
Inaugurated in 1914, the Panama Canal is #5 on the National Geographic´s 100 Journeys of a Lifetime, must-see destinations. Called "The Eighth Wonder of the World", it took 250,000 people from all corners of the globe more than 10 years to build. For it´s time, the achievement was the equivalent to putting a man on the moon. See 5,000,000 ton vessels rise and drop more than 50 feet in the locks as they make their way over the Isthmus from one ocean to another.
Casco Viejo (The Old City)
Founded in 1673 after Panama Viejo was destroyed by pirate Henry Morgan, Casco Viejo was Panama city´s downtown until the 1930´s when it declined as wealthy families moved to new sectors. In the last decade Casco Viejo is being authentically restored to its former brilliance and is fast becoming one of the premier Spanish colonial destinantions in the Americas with fine restaurants, souvenir and handicrafts stores and lively nightlife.
Panama City Neighborhoods
Panama City has beautiful, varied neighborhoods to choose from including Miami-style ocean front condo sectors, suburban homes in Costa del Este, restored hisotric homes in Casco Viejo and former Canal Zone homes nestled against rainforests. Trump Ocean Club Panama is situated in the exclusive neighborhood of Punta Pacifica. Along with Punta Pacifica, Punta Paitilla and Balboa Avenue these neighborhoods offer residences with incredible views of Panama Bay, the Pacific Ocean, the entrance to the Panama Canal, Amador Causeway and Taboga Island in the distance.
Day Trips From Panama City
No other capital in the world has such a variety of world-class attractions and activities nearby. You can take an extraordinary array of day tours right from the hotel. For example, Panama has some of the most accessible rainforests in the world.
Panama City´s numerous fine restaurants take advantage of the abundance of fresh local seafood, fruits and vegetables from Panama´s micro-climates. As a land bridge between two continents Panama is blessed with an unusual variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs that are used in native cooking. As a world crossroads, the cuisine is influenced by indigenous tribes and Hispanic, European, African and Chinese migrations. The most popular native dishes are: "sancocho", "tamales", "carimañolas", "hojaldras", "patacones", "ceviche", shrimp, lobster and fish.
Diving, Sailing and Sportfishing
With more than one thousand islands, Panama offers a wide variety of diving adventures and world-class sportfishing. Teeming with life and color, Panama´s coral reefs are one of Nature´s wonders. The best places for diving are the Pearl Islands, Coiba Island National Marine Park and Portobelo. Coiba is world-famous for big fish diving and pristine conditions. The best places for snorkeling are Coiba Island, the Pearl Islands and Bocas del Toro.
Panama has the best championship golf courses in Central America. These include the only seaside golf course in the region, (which is near the capital) and the only golf course with a computerized GPS System. You can also enjoy cool highland mountain golfing in Boquete. The seaside courses are just over an hour from Panama City.
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Panama Dining
From world-class oceanfront dining to our chic pool deck bar and grill, our luxury hotel offers imaginative cuisine heightened by the colors of the sea and sky.
Ocean Sun Casino
Featuring the highest pool bar in Latin America with live entertainment, food and beverage and the best gaming experience in Panama City.
Trump Attaché®
Trump Attaché® delivers personalized attention without intrusion, where desires are intuited and requests are anticipated.
The Casco Viejo
Our Spanish Colonial town with fine restaurants, souvenir and handicraft stores and lively nightlife.
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