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Enjoy a pampering spa hotel break in Ireland

A luxury spa break awaits you at the White Horses Spa in Co Clare, Ireland. Soothe and warm your soul with a relaxing massage – drift away as our team of experienced staff pampers you by sculpting and nourishing the skin using regenerative products such as natural salts and seaweed.

  • Massages
    • Voyager Massage

      60 MIN / €105

      A gentle massage, designed for pure relaxation, the Voyager massage is ideal after a long journey and for combating jetlag. A heated compress, with soothing aromatic oils, is placed on the back to soothe and calm. This massage combines palm pressure and thumb rolling with long strokes to relieve tired and aching muscles, restoring your body’s balance. Our calm mind ritual aids deep relaxation to ensure an excellent night’s sleep and leave you fully rested in the morning.

    • Irish Accent Swedish Massage

      30/60/90 MIN / €65/€95/€125

      This classic relaxing European massage uses long strokes and kneads the superficial layers of muscle. Aromatic essential oils help detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, release tension, and improve circulation, leaving you in a blissful sense of relaxation. Upgrade to 90 minutes for optimal relaxation.

    • Deep Tissue Massage

      30/60/90 MIN / €85/€120/€165

      Recommended especially before or after golf, this specialised deep tissue massage concentrates on your areas of concern and provides relief from muscle soreness and stiff joints. A combination of manipulation and neuromuscular techniques ensures excellent recovery, and the addition of a heat pack increases circulatory benefits, muscular detoxification, and optimum results.

    • Basalt Stone Massage

      90 MIN / €155

      This powerful thermal massage draws on nature’s elements and combines them with the art of massage. Oiled, warm, indigenous Basalt stones are strategically used with pressure and applied to key points of the body to relieve tired and sore muscles, improve circulation and lymph movements and generate deep relaxation. The therapeutic use of essential oils in massage movements bestows a deep physiological experience, melting away all tension and stress.

    • Burren Wilderness Massage

      90 MIN / €155

      Indulge in our full-body signature treatment, inspired by the unique flowing landscape of the Burren in Co. Clare, sure to soothe and warm you to your very soul. A heated towel immersed in wildflower oil is placed along the spine for total body warming. Hot stones are gently positioned between the toes and feet are wrapped in warm booties. Hands are gently massaged with essential oil and enveloped in warm hand mittens. A thoroughly relaxing experience.

    • Voya Seaweed Hot Stone Massage

      75 MIN / €150

      One of our star treatments, aromatic organic essential oils and leaves of seaweed are used to soothe the body and mind. Heated stones are placed onto organic seaweed leaves all over the body. The dual action of the heat soothes your muscles whilst releasing precious extracts from the seaweed in key parts of your body. A truly delightful treatment that goes beyond the normal physical experience of a massage and soothes the soul.

    • Voya Herbal Massage

      45 MIN / €85

      A real sensory treat! Soaked warm herbs and seaweed are gently massaged into the body, releasing the precious seaweed oils. A combination of the finest organic herbs and seaweed are used to massage your body and gently exfoliate and nourish your skin. Truly a therapeutic treatment that is completely indulgent. Choose between calming organic chamomile, detoxifying peppermint, or timulating fennel.

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